Heather HarlanHeather is a skilled & passionate designer and creative director with more than two decades of experience helping build businesses for dynamic and successful women-led brands like Diane von Furstenberg and Rachel Roy. Her fashion roots go back to her teenage years growing up in the Midwest, when she first learned to sew and began making clothes for herself. After graduating the University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism, she headed to New York City for her first job as an editorial assistant at a women’s magazine. After two years of spending her free time making clothes and scouring flea markets for vintage inspiration, she decided to abandon her short journalism career to pursue her true passion and study fashion design at FIT.
With this collection, she is her own muse, designing for everyday life as a modern woman, a mom, a professional, and in her own unique and distinctive language of style. Forever inspired by strong women past and present, the clothes are meant to make you feel comfortable, capable, confident and empowered. These are special, well-crafted pieces that go anywhere, that are equal parts relaxed and elegant, feminine and strong, practical and chic.